ūüĎč Hello, I'm...
Stephanie Ogozaly

I'm a senior content marketing manager with 13 years of combined experience in marketing & journalism. I've got an agency background and have worked in-house at cybersecurity, B2B SaaS, tech, and cloud PaaS organizations.

Here's some of my work...

How to Win the Cybersecurity
Skills Shortage

An eBook detailing the cybersecurity skills shortage and how to build a program.

GreyCastle Security
LinkedIn Posts

A collection of LinkedIn posts for a cybersecurity managed service provider.

Are Resumes Dead
in Cybersecurity?

A blog on skills-based hiring and focusing cyber talent acquisition on practical abilities.

LinkedIn Posts

A collection of LinkedIn posts for an AI-driven SaaS solution for customer support.

How Enterprises Can Prepare for High-Traffic Events

An eBook exploring steps enterprises can take to prepare for increased demand on a website.

7 BS "Facts" About Cybersecurity
Everyone Thinks Are True

A blog on some of the most commonly believed myths about cybersecurity.

Fundamentals of

A white paper on continuous integration & continuous delivery for enterprise.

LinkedIn Posts

A collection of LinkedIn posts for a cybersecurity awareness training startup.

Complete Guide to Reducing
Agent Ramp Time

An eBook on techniques for improving agent ramp time in customer support.

Case Study

A case study on how Groupon improved agent training times and first call resolution rates.

Snow Joe
Case Study

A case study on how Snow Joe increased direct response phone conversions by 15%

Legacy Systems in Healthcare: 8 Signs It's Time to Modernize

An eBook exploring the healthcare industry's reliance on legacy technology.