Reputational Risk: How Cybersecurity Incidents Impact Your Customer Relationships

You know that a security incident or a cyberattack can damage your business financially and you may face legal consequences. But have you thought about what it would do to your reputation? Your customers and clients expect that your organization will keep their data safe. If you fail to do so, you’re likely to face financial consequences when customers leave … Read More

Turning Your Cybersecurity Program Into a Revenue Generator

Where does your cybersecurity program fit into your enterprise strategy? Organizations that view cybersecurity only as a siloed function within IT are missing out on a key opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. In today’s digital landscape, everyone in your organization needs to view cybersecurity from a new, more nuanced angle – including (and especially) the C-suite. Rather than … Read More

7 BS “Facts” About Cybersecurity Everyone Thinks Are True

Everyone “knows” about cybersecurity. But what do most people really know about cybersecurity? Walk into any meeting in any office in the world and you’re bound to hear three little words: “The fact is…” Those three words can be followed by anything: an opinion, a theory, a wild guess, or (if we’re lucky) an actual fact. Cybersecurity is a hot button topic … Read More

How to Win a Price War with Your Competitor

You’ve gone through the sales cycle. You’re negotiating with your prospect to close the deal and they drop a bomb: they’ve been negotiating with your competitor the entire time and the competitor has offered them a crazy low price. Your prospect goes on to say that if you beat the price, they’ll do business with you instead. How do you … Read More

The Benefits of SWOT Analysis in Project Management

SWOT. It sounds like something you’d do to a fly. Despite the onomatopoeia, this isn’t the case. What is SWOT? SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The concept is simple: highlight areas of a project that can not only help in moving it along but can also potentially harm it. It sounds rather boring, doesn’t it? Actually, using … Read More