Stephanie Ogozaly
writer & content marketing manager


I'm Stephanie — a senior content marketing manager with 10 years of combined experience in marketing & journalism. I'm a "jargon translator" that believes in educating the consumer. And memes. Seriously, ask me about meme marketing.

After spending two years as a trade journalist, I made the shift to marketing to pursue my passion for bringing new ideas to life. I began my marketing journey at a small agency where I was the principle content creator for multiple clients. After four years, I moved to in-house marketing.

I've been called the "content chameleon" for my ability to move between content types, multimedia tools, and marketing channels. If there's a story, I'll find a way to tell it.

Over the years I've worked across a variety of industries, including cybersecurity, SaaS, healthcare, data as a service (DaaS), WebOps, foodservice, social games, and staffing & recruiting, among others. I'm passionate about speaking my audience's language and creating unique brand voices.

Work Samples

📗 Bridging the Gap: How to Win the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

An eBook detailing the state of the skills shortage in cybersecurity and how to build a program.

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📘 What is CI/CD?

A white paper outlining the fundamentals of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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👍 Social Media

A collection of social media posts, memes, and ads from brands in a variety of industries, including cybersecurity, SaaS, WebOps, and others.

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📙 Legacy Systems in Healthcare

An eBook about the dangers of legacy systems in healthcare and the 8 signs it's time to modernize your WebOps.

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📝 7 BS "Facts" About Cybersecurity Everyone Thinks Are True

A blog post detailing popular myths in cybersecurity and why they're not true.

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🎧 Podcasting

I edit and publish "Deep Sleep & White Noise Soundscapes," a daily sleep podcast of nature sounds, white noise, and slice of life soundscapes. It currently averages 40% MoM growth.

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Skills & Tools


Content Marketing, Blogging, Journalism, Research, Copywriting, Copy Editing

Social Media

Hootsuite, Buffer, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube

Marketing Automation & Analytics

HubSpot, Pardot, Google Analytics

Content Management

WordPress, Webflow, Drupal, Joomla, HTML, CSS

Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, Illustrator


Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro


Podcasting, Adobe Audition, Logic Pro, Descript, Pro Tools, Audacity

Email Marketing

MailChimp, SendGrid, Constant Contact, Vertical Response

Project Management

Monday, Jira, Trello